Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Meeting and the journey

When we were kids. The introduction to the staircase of knowledge started with elementary or building blocks of the knowledge provider. Yes, the building blocks of the language, which was destined to become one of the mediums of our knowledge provider using books. Slowly we grabbed it. Then came adding them together to sound something different and most of the times funny. We were taught the different combinations and permutations of these alphabets can give rise to different meanings. They could also give rise to different sounds (phonetics). That was a rendezvous with a special friend, a friend for life, “Word”.

I found my friends when they are in groups give a meaning. They tell something to me. I started loving them as they always came to me in groups of tens, hundreds or thousands. They never left me alone. I grew up with them. And then the day came when I wanted them to be free, to see the world. So took up the channel between them and me, and started calling them one by one. And yes, they came and filled the place. Some were small, some were big, but they some how adjusted themselves together. And the world saw them and acknowledged them as being my first poem.

Somewhere I felt that especially the word “Creativity” is somewhere within me. This friend of mine wakes me out from the long slumbers of not meeting up with him. As, I visualize I feel somewhere, this friend of mine is associated with each and every other living homo sapiens. He is never an enemy with anyone.

But there are few words which fill the world in general and somewhere within us we find ourselves being associated or identifying with a bunch of them. “Ego”, “Love”, “Self-centric”, “Atheist”, “Compassionate”, “Wanderer”, “Perfectionist”, “Leader”, “Aggressive”, “Loyal” are just a few to name them. Now, you would have felt that these words did meet you in the path of your life. We picked some and kicked some.

Yes, words define us, refine us, sometimes they mesmerize us. Yet somewhere we do not value this friend who despite all odds stick with us in our thick and thin of life.

For few this very friend of ours is the bread earner. For some, it is a matter of life and death. But for me, they are my life line. For me, it is my connectivity to this world. The journey with my friend has not always been smooth. But matter of fact it has been steady. Unlike humans it did not leave me in times of need, it did not ask for my craving, it did not ask for my mercy. But simply it looked up to me and said, “I would be there….always….always in your mind!”

The journey has just started. And each and every day I make a few more friends, but it sometimes does become difficult to recollect all of them by name. Still trying my skill at it though! As someone said, “Learning never ends till you die”.

And from now, this medium would be one of the few where I would let my friends meet you all.


Luv ‘n’ Luk