Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Royal Bengal Tiger – DADA [Sourav Chandi Ganguly]

On the 10th November, 2008 the era came to an end, a stand still. And after that there has been flood of blogs and comments on the master of hearts – the tiger on the field and life… who will roar on .. as tiger never stops!
But, Dada apart from Indian Cricket has influenced many off the field too… common men like us. And I happen to be one among the crowd of people he has influenced.
He may be known for many things that he did on the field, but I would also like to remember him who showed the world that what a man with grit, determination can do.
And that is where the journey begins for a common man like me.
He was a man who lived and died by his own wish, like a phoenix he rose from the ashes to glory, time and again. Tested to the utmost limit, battered with time, but still he walked on , on the path of glory.
People like us, are always put to test. Battered with time. Responsibilities loom large. Expectations soar. And we do sometime tend to crumble under it.
He the Maharaj, has showed us that these are part of the life we lead either by choice or destiny. And his way has showed that “Fight On” is the best way to succeed. Like the famous saying “Khudhi ko kar buland itna, ki khuda qyamat se pehle pooche ki “bata ki teri marzi hain kya””
Every defeat every criticism he took in his stride, to prove one and all wrong.
And that we the common man strive for, at least not win all but we do win some. That was Dada has taught us.
He also told us like the god gifted timer and stroke player he is, we all have something in us as a “God’s Gift”. Like his sweet glorious cover drives and dancing down the wicket for sixes, we have something elegant in us( which we should explore) and seek for the opportunities among those opportunities that come by our side to score on the maximum.
He with his shear “Getting on the nerve” of the Aussies and the “Pay it back” kind of attitude, he showed us that no opponent is too strong and no one too overpowering if dealt with the right attitude.
And with his comeback he showed us, the common man, that every man can stand back. What ever the circumstance is or who ever the boss is.
As we remember the glorious era and legacy that Dada has left behind. I tend to think that this must be another lesson (not the last ) in the book called “Inspirational Dada”, which tells the common man that set the stage for others to come and remember the you for who you were and are.
Thank you Dada, for all that you gave us. For all that you did. Thank you!

luv ‘n’ luk
Arnab Chakraverty