Monday, June 23, 2008


Through the warmth of her feeling;
The touch so healing;
The voice so appealing-
She gives you life's meaning.

The feelings so pure,
About you she's so sure;
All your sorrows, she cure-
teaches you to be demure!

For nine months she bore,
With pain....she, you tore-
Laughter was on her face, not sore,
You were her's from the deep core.

In your pain,
She was like an umbrella in the rain-
Takin care of your drain-
From physical to your brain.

But ask yourself, oh child!
Have you gone mild-
Drifted away in the wild;
Not to look after, the GODDESS, so blind!

In her pain too, she will smile,
So that it takes a while-
For you to realize her style-
Of shealding you all the while!

Luv 'n' Luk
Arnab Chakraverty

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another try for Failure

Well the journey has began, and it was real time for me to post again. People had started accusing and abusing me of writing such things which most of them could not decipher. But, even the thought of writing something which could be deciphered by all and yet have a value attached to itself was just too hot to handle. So, here I come again to try my hands and unleashing my friends to you all.

Hey wait a while... but what am I supposed to write about? What am I supposed to say? Nothing absolutely nothing. Is it? Then why waste the space, the time of typing or even for that matter reading. After all somewhere it adds up in the list of “Waste”.

Yes, that reminds me of the eccentric value that this word possesses.

Walking down the lanes of memory or even trying to plot the future we find or assume that more often than not we have “Wasted” or would “Waste” something or the other.

Lets peek into the past, if you would wish to. Common try hard, there has to be something which you had “Wasted”.... your “Time”, “Energy”,”Resource”,”Dedication”,”Devotion”,”Values”,”Food”,”Money”,”Relationship”,”Affection”,”Hope”,”Faith”,”Opportunities” etc. many of you would find few of the listed words to be vague or even out of place. And would ask yourself, is this guy a nerd, who wastes dedication, who wastes devotion, who wastes relationship, who wastes hope, who wastes faith? Everyone does! Surprised?

You dedicated yourself towards a goal, you devoted yourself towards it. If you achieved it, you bask in it. Isn't it? But what after that, another goal another aim, another milestone... are you re-utilizing your devotion or dedication?

“Relationship” and “affection”. Are the most wasted commodity in modern age. We rue the fact of not achieving a “happy forever” status in a relationship and move on. Hence a “Wasted relationship”. You hope that if my affection would have been directed towards someone else, I would have been better of.

A “wasted affection”!

Now “hope” and “faith” are the easiest commodities that get wasted. “Hope” never fails, so after every failure you hope of success. Therefore the previous hope was wasted isn't it? Same with faith.

Now, lets foretell the future. I can not. But by this time, you would have formulated what you could have “Waste”d already!

And in the lieu of not wasting things and the memory of the wasted things we waste our present.

We have always heard “Failures are the building pillars of success”. But with each failure something gets wasted. Isn't it. But, to be frank enough, anything we put in the sack called “wasted” is only due to our materialistic, result-oriented thoughts. And these are the process which in-turn wastes the future.

Out of the failure what lives is “Experience”.

What may have been “Waste”d has been always added into your system as “Experience”.

Hope you understand the meaning “Want not, Waste not” is purely materialistic!

Luv 'n' Luk