Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Friends

Remembering the hostel’s first night,
All alone, too prone.
Suddenly like angel, you all came in sight!
My Friends, far away have we grown?

The smiles, the laughs echo still-
In this lonely mist.
Trying too hard to walk against God’s will.
My Friends, the void still persist!

The pranks are only memories,
The togetherness just a numb feeling.
Listening patiently to each others life’s stories.
My Friends, why is life so unwilling?

We have grown, to take on the world-
We are grown after all.
The different ways we trusted in the lord.
My Friends, where’s the hand to save my fall?

Bathing together, making human sandwich-
Dancing in the pouring rain.
Supporting each other without a flinch!
My Friends, parting was real pain.

My heart yearns to relive those-
Moments of togetherness, that I found.
Which seemed like a fairy prose.
My Friends, can you hear my heart’s sound?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Seeing her dancing in the rain,
Like a child with no pain.
Heart took over the brain-
Emotions leaped for her,like a speeding train.

She came and smiled,
Made the emotions wild!
And by autumn so mild-
Her presence meant like a mother to a child.

Her smile faded the snow around,
And everything that surround-
Was lost and never to be found.
And winter faded to the Cupid's sound!

The spring arrived with a new role,
She became the mate of the waiting soul!
Happiness - rock and roll!
Limelight we always stole.

Then came the rain again-
Filled the heart with pain!
The brain was no more sane-
She took the heavenly plane!

The winter was so ruthless
Filled the heart with loneliness.
But the nights remained restless,
And the days were speechless!

Every time saw her falling from the cliff so steep-
Trying to catch her,but waking from the sleep!
Something hurt very deep.
Memories of her - lifeline to keep!

During a rainy night-
Dream that always fight!
She didn't take the falling flight.
Instead she held me tight!

Smiled and climbed the white horses cart-
And spoke in a tone filled with love from the heart,
"Adieu in this life love, in next we cannot part"
And I woke up with a start!

Friday, July 4, 2008

The Run

Life is all about being in the fast lane,
Running here, achieving insane.
Always trying to be on the opportunity train.
Always remembering, "No gain, without any pain"

But where is the man, which parents visualized.
In this world of achievers, has he capsized?
Here every dream has a tag thats priced!
And to achieve, someone has to play the Christ!

But for whom he runs-
Their heart burns!
Waiting for their turn,
Of love and affection to churn!

Everyone around needs a dream life-
Putting themselves to the edge of a knife.
But what more we need something more to survive-
Love for family, and jolly friends are worth a strife!

Family and friends, are the assets for a man!
They shower love, giving the perfect tan.
Hold on to them as happily as you can!
Because when you wake up, dreams-out they ran!