Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FIFA World Cup and me

Though have memories of the world cups in 90s…… but just went through a reflection last night regarding the 1st 3 FIFA World Cups in the 21st century [2002-2006-2010]

Year 2002
FIFA WC location
: Korea/Japan
Winners: Brazil
My location: Kolkata, India
Doing what: Studying engineering (BTech)

I still remember the day, the students had called for a strike and we had taken to the streets against the management (Almost usual scenes in any college around West Bengal). We the students, blocked the main gate of the campus and were sitting on the road with ladies in front and gents at the back standing. We were getting agitated, anxious and more over frustrated by the scorching sun and the moronic management.
Suddenly some senior announced “Dude today England plays against Brazil, in the quarter-finals”. And the boys who were shouting slogan against the management suddenly went quiet. Someone shouted “Go England go”………few shouted “Brazil is the king”. And then frantically we started searching for a television in the neighborhood, who would allow us to watch the match. Thankfully one gentleman obliged and we hurdled on top of each other to catch the glimpse, totally forgetting about what we were supposed to do for the strike! Though England lost the match and few members were upset but we went back to holding our position in the plot for the strike with renewed vigor and in between slogans discussing the match. We sat there till the mid of the night including the ladies. Food was flowing in from hostel messes and pooling in money! The seniors and us bonded too well over the strike and the match!
World Cup came to an end in the next few days, so did the strike with both the sides (management and the students) compromising on few fronts! But as I remember that world cup, brought 120 people closer over the game watched on television of someone else!

Year 2006
FIFA WC location
: Germany
Winners: Italy
My location: Bangalore, India
Doing what: Working

Location changed from the previous world cup. Was staying in a 2 Bedroom flat, with two very dear friends of mine who also were working in a MNC in Bangalore. We knew each other from our college days. We had a small 14 inch computer monitor with an external television tuner card. Small but effective! It was the world cup finals, Italy versus France. Being a big Zizou (Zinadine Zidane) fan, was supporting France. My other two roomies were supporting Italy citing the reason that Italy was the underdog! And when the infamous “Head-butt” happened and Zizou was sent home…….I was shocked. And my roomies rejoiced in the moment. Certainly I was not happy with the proceedings, and we 3 had a good verbal argument. In the end Italy took home the cup, Zizou the red card! And seeing me upset my roomies made coffee and we shred off the differences and enjoyed the moment!
That FIFA WC brought me closer to my close friends. Though like last time didn’t have a 120 huge crowd. Just had 3 and a small but own computer screen and the warmth of the house!

Year 2010
FIFA WC location
: South Africa
Winners: ??
My location: Bangalore, India
Doing what: Working

The world cup has just begun. I still stay in the same house, from the previous FIFA World Cup. Have a 29” flat screen television with surround sound…….and pathetically I stay alone! Last night Brazil’s opening game against North Korea, there were so many emotions and moments in the game. But, I had no one to discuss it with. No one to make an argument or appreciate the game! Just simple plain watch the match, shout in aguish or scream in glory only left with myself to do that…..Hi-Fives only with myself…no one else!

From the 2002 till 2010, definitely have progressed in terms of the Game. And also self, in materialistic aspects. From standing on the road and watching the game to sitting at home and watching the game. Sadly the truth is that from 120 I’m down to myself! Surely everyone has progressed in life and they should. We all leave behind fond memories of each other with one another! Hope my friends do cherish it too!
Do not know what the 2014 FIFA World Cup would bring in my life next…hope its not like “Last Man Standing” again!

PS:- Dedicated all you people who live moments like these, and believe “Friends are forever!”

Luv ‘n’ Luk
Arnab Chakraverty